How to get more Followers on Twitter and why you should do this

Twitter may be an important addition to an author’s social networking platform. In this post, you will find several YouTube videos and brief summaries that will help you understand how to use Twitter properly.

Andrea Pearson talks about the basics of how to get more followers on Twitter

1.       Follow people who are more likely to follow you back

2.       Use hash tags = # Use the hash tag followed by topics you like. For example: #writing

3.       Re-tweet what people say. For example, you think something was funny so re-tweet

1.       Don’t be too preachy. Instead, let people know what your life is like. Let them get to know you.

2.       Be courteous: be nice to people. What she means is don’t send out a thousand tweets a day

3.       Respond to people

4.       Follow conversations other people have and follow people who you like to read, and don’t follow too many people at once

5.       Use hash tags like #WW (writer’s Wednesday) and #FF (follow on Friday)

More tips on using Twitter from Joanna Penn

1.       Tweet only in your niche — for example, if you are a Sci-Fi author, only tweet in that niche

2.       Use Twitter to find new people—to develop relationships—get to know them on Twitter first

3.       It’s important to be generous to other people. For example: eight percent of your tweets should be re-tweets of others and only 20% of your tweets should be about you and/or your work.

Amy Porterfield tells us how to get more followers on Twitter by using content

Three sites to find information to tweet about:




Wendy Limauge tells/shows us how to use Twitter (Tweet, Retweet, Direct Messages, Lists)

Rik Logtenberg tells us the 10 Steps to Become a Twitter Mater

This is a twitter tutorial that covers everything from signing up to twitter, shortening urls with, using tweetdeck, talking to other twitters, and finding people to follow and attracting followers.

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