Oakland Strike: Teachers and District at Odds About Privatization

The Oakland Public School Teachers Union members (3.000 strong with strong support from parents and children) believes their students should have access to school nurses, counselors, school psychologists, librarians and other specialists. Class sizes are just too big and hinder the ability of our educators to give students the attention they deserve.

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Statement by Keith Brown

President, Oakland Education Association,


Status of Contract Talks


I do not believe that it is helpful to bargain contracts through the media. Up until now I have refrained from discussing details to give the negotiating team on both sides room to bargain. However, after seeing a series of misleading reports come out of the administration today, I think it’s time to set the record straight.


The district says they have moved closer to OEA’s position on salary. Implied in their statement is that significant movement has happened since the strike began. This is untrue. The fact is they have yet to make an offer that will keep experienced teachers in Oakland.


The administration would lead you to believe this is only about salary. The state trustee has now joined this disinformation campaign.


Let me be clear, the union…

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