The CWC Berkeley Marketing Group is part of the oldest writers’ club in the Western states celebrating our 100th year serving Bay Area Writers. Jack London and friends founded the CWC in Berkeley, California in 1909. The goals of this group are to educate, explore, provide information and support organic marketing efforts on an individual or cooperative basis for members of the club.

Video from Marin Branch

Northern California Branches:

The California Writers Club has eighteen branches:

Berkeley  (founding branch)— http://calwritersclub.wordpress.com/

San Francisco Peninsula — http://www.cwc-peninsula.org/

South Bay — http://www.southbaywriters.com/

Central Coast — http://centralcoastwriters.org/

Mount Diablo — http://cwcmtdiablowriters.wordpress.com/

Tri-Valley — http://www.trivalleywriters.org/

Sacramento — http://www.sacramento-writers.org/

Marin — http://www.cwcmarinwriters.com/

Redwood — http://redwoodwriters.org/

Fremont Area Writers — http://www.cwc-fremontareawriters.org/

Video from Sacramento Branch

Southern California Branches:

San Fernando Valley — http://cwc-sfv.org/

West Valley (Woodland Hills – link broken) — N/A

Orange County — http://www.calwritersorangecounty.org/

Long Beach — http://www.calwriterslongbeach.org/

Inland Empire — http://www.angelfire.com/amiga/iecwc/index.html

East Sierra (Ridgecrest – link broken ) — N/A

High Desert — http://www.hdcwc.org/Pages/default.aspx

Writers of Kern (Bakersfield – link broken) — N/A

Writers of Mendocino Coast — http://writersofthemendocinocoast.org/

Video from Redwood Branch