Seattle Alert: Watch Out for Gates Takeover!

Bill Gates is at it again—subverting democracy in Seattle to take over or destroy their public schools.

Diane Ravitch's blog

It has to annoy Bill Gates that he has not yet been able to buy the schools of Seattle, where he lives. But the stars are aligning for him. He is pushing behind the scenes for a mayoral takeover–which is a sure path to charters and corporate reform. Nothing like killing off democratic control of public education to clear the way for corporate reform.

Next on the docket is a rushed process to make the interim superintendent, Larry Nyland, the permanent superintendent. He seems like a pliable sort, and he is surrounded by Broadies left over from an earlier superintendent who was Broad-trained.

The school board announced hearings just a few days ago, while everyone was thinking about Thanksgiving, that the future of Nyland will be decided Wednesday. Forget about the national search the board promised.

Citizens should turn out, ask questions, and insist that the public schools belong to…

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2 Responses

  1. Twenty plus years ago ART, MUSIC, DRAMA was taken from the public schools, no creative thought; now — Bill GATES, a fitting last name, wants all for him working force, and to cut our systems of free interprises. He has the money.WATCH OUT! Our children are gearing for the battle, watching the warrior videos and movies. LET’S HELP them now!

    • Bill Gates isn’t the only oligarch doing this. The Walton family is heavily involved and owns and operates 1,600 corporate Charters spending an average of $160 million annually to promote vouchers and their chain. The Koch brothers. Eli Broad —- the list is longer, and scary.

      America’s public education system is being divided up into fiefdoms controlled by billionaire oligarchs, who live the life of kings and act like they are kings. To them, democracy is an obstacle to destroy.

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