A Wealth of Marketing facts/skills from a Pro – Maria Murnane

This post is a recommendation by Lloyd Lofthouse.

I attended a morning lecture/workshop Saturday, April 14 that was sponsored by the Diablo branch of the California Writer’s Club. Maria Murnane was the presenter.

Maria Murnane’s presentation was about marketing for authors and the presentation was valuable for both traditional-published and self-published authors.

Maria worked in public relations for nearly 10 years before she quit her job and started out as a self-published author. From what I heard, she is a one person industry with boundless energy—she writes chick lit and teaches marketing. In fact, those same marketing skills she used to promote her first self-published book eventually led to a traditional contract with Amazon.

Maria interviewed at 2011 Book Expo as an author published by Amazon.

Maria knows her stuff—I was IMPRESSED by her wealth of knowledge and marketing skills.  I have a BA in journalism (1973) and took maybe one or two classes on public relations, but this is her field and it is more up-to-date since she is a much younger individual than I am (I’m old enough to have a head full of curly cobwebs).  Maria has a BA in English from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University.

I like the title of that major—integrated marketing communications—and what it means.

To give you an idea of how much I added to my knowledge of this topic, I took nine pages of notes in addition to the two-page handout from Maria. What I learned will change my marketing tactics.

The Saturday morning workshop with Maria Murnane cost members $35 and non-members $45, and we had about a dozen non members with at least a 100 in attendance (this is not a scientific count–just a guesstimate). Anyway, to make a long story much shorter, Maria has this entire lecture on her Website as Webinars but they are not free. After all, this is her business as an author and super-expert publicist marketing pro.

This is a 3:10 minute preview of an 80-minute webinar that teaches authors of fiction and nonfiction how to develop creative, grassroots marketing campaigns that do not cost much more than their time.

Link to Maria Murnane’s Webinar: http://mariamurnane.com/work-with-maria/webinars/

You may discover that paying to listen to this Webinar is well worth your time. In fact, I prefer Webinars because I can stop them as I take notes and then start again when I’m ready.

Maria Murnane is the award-winning author of Perfect on Paper and It’s a Waverly Life, novels for anyone who has ever run into an ex looking like crap. Honey on Your Mind debuts July 24!  www.mariamurnane.com


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