According to a recent survey, 200 million Americans believe he or she has a book/novel in them and want to write it. In 2011, more than three million of them did and they self-published that work.
If you are one of those Americans, you may want to read this series of posts about the importance of writing skills such as grammar, mechanics and spelling. Did you pay attention to your English teachers while you were attending public/private schools? Did you do the homework? Did you ask question? Did you read books almost every day and night?

Lloyd Lofthouse

Authors have one challenge most artists outside of writing do not have.

Most artists, such as painters, do not need to worry about developing skills in the logical, analytical, fact-based side of the brain. Instead these artists work almost exclusively out of the holistic, feelings based, emotional side of the brain where the imagination and creativity blossom.

Unfortunately, for authors, the craft of writing requires using both sides of the brain with an emphasis on the left side of the brain’s organized, analytical, fact-based logic where editing skills hide.

Writing the rough draft of a book length manuscript is the easy part of an author’s work and mostly this work takes place in the right side of the brain.

For editing and revisions, authors must switch gears to the left side of the brain where these skills work. If those skills have not been developed, the author—as an artist—is crippled.

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