From Author Insider

From Author Insider

In 1996 and 1997 the American Booksellers Association, the Book Industry Study Group, and Publisher’s Weekly, asked adult book purchasers what were the most critical factors for buying books. Most people expect that the top reasons people buy books are book covers, marketing, price, reviews, etc. However, the three answers that stand-out beyond all others are:

Author Spending & Activities on Book Marketing

Survey entitled, “The Business Impact of Writing a Book,” by Wellesley
Hills Group gathered information from 200 authors about the impact of
book marketing. All authors had written books for the purpose of
building their small business, but the lessons apply to all authors.

Key Points:

    * 51% of authors invested personal funds in marketing their book
    * The amount authors personally invested in their books ranged from
      under $1000 to $150,000 with a median investment amount of $4500
    * Authors who hired “outside help sold 10,000 copies of their first
      book and earned royalties of $55,000, compared to 4,500 copies
      sold and royalties of $25,000 for authors who depended solely on
      the efforts of their publishers” (Publishers Weekly)
    * Most effective marketing tactic: Using the Internet
    * Second most effective marketing tactic: generating press in trade
      publications related to the topic of the book (for non-fiction)
    * Book signings were considered not very effective
    * Authors who hired reputable firms to promote their book earned
      higher royalties
    * Authors said there were many indirect benefits to marketing their
      books rather than straight sales

(Source: /Business by the Book/, Business Week, 4/12/06, Karen E. Klein
-and- /Documenting the Value of Marketing/, Publishers Weekly, 4/24/06,
Jim Milliot)


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