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  1. Vernon was correct when he said, “We should not go off half-cocked. A planned foray with a long-term follow on strategy will build. Not so otherwise.”

    The marketing group has had three meetings so far and starting this Blog/Website (password protected) is the first concrete step. I realize that there will be a desire to hurry up and start marketing, but following Vernon’s suggestion, I feel that it would be better to build slow until we have a strong foundation with multiple avenues of support as the “About” page says.

    I’ll be working over the next few days to expand this Blog/Website so it has sections for beginners who are just getting their feet wet, information for veterans and more that will help individuals learn and expand their horizons.

    First, there will be links that educate about the publishing world. Knowledge is power.

    Suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. We will need and should plan for a chief schoozer. Lloyd is a good face for our group to have to any and all independent book sellers.

    He will need a customer support kit to guide him…and hence keep us all in the loop. The components should include
    a) a phone contact script…I am coming, when it it best to see you? Are you the person who decides the ambience of your store? (–which is to say the owner-manager–this, to qualify the contact). This is our first Image to the person…our Brand.
    b) a couple Brand images to present the owner-manager…perhaps a pinup, stickup banner of a visible sort…with options of how and were to put it up. Up six feet is a desirous level…for “look-around” viewers to spot.
    c) a small pile of brochures about CWC
    d) A list of our authors who are ready–and have a proven track record of giving a show with their books. Thumbnails of their books would be great. We’ve got the goods.
    e) A request for a “best date” for our Leading Hot Author…Lucille Belluchi, or JoAnn Ainsworth or Francine Howard. Let’g get them out there.

    More anon.


  3. I have joined a very promising site called booxrix.com, which actively promotes its members. There is a radio show with interviewees among the members. Go see. They are keeping me busy.

    • Lucille,

      Is it “booxrix” or “bookrix”?

      I found a “booxrix” but it was in German.

      Then I found “BookRix” in English.

      If you have a complete address, that would be nice.

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